Encounter with Jesus

Encounter with Jesus

Encounter with Jesus

Hi there!

Welcome to Encounter with Jesus! This is a dream of mine come true! Drop in any time you like and leave a message. My hope is that you will be able to experience a life changing Encounter with Jesus!

What is Encounter with Jesus?

'Encounter with Jesus' is meeting Jesus in a special way- an unexpected unique profound life changing encounter with the person who declares to be the Lord of all! This does not depend on our achievements. it depends on His achievement!!! 

'...and behold! The whole city came out to meet Jesus!' Matthew 8:34 

 Whether you are a Christian or not, it does not matter. What's important is that there is a special Encounter awaiting you with Jesus Christ that will change your life for the 'best'! 

He declares to be the Lord of lords, King of kings (Rev.19:16), forgiver of sinners (Matt.9:2), the final Judge(1Pet.4:5), Saviour (Tit.3:6), redeemer (Isa.54:8), co-creator of the universe (Eph.3:9), friend (Joh.15:15), hope of all nations (Col.1:27), healer(Luk.4:40), provider(Mat.15:36), lover (Joh.14:21), the author of faith (Heb.12:2), Alfa and omega (Rev.21:6), bridegroom (Mat.25:10) and soon coming king (Rev.22:20)! This is the person who I want you to meet! He will change your life. If he doesn't, it wouldn't be Jesus that you meet!

So then Jesus having declared to be all of the above, I believe that an Encounter with Him produce life changing, tangible miracles and I want to encourage you to pursue it.

I have found Jesus to be far more awesome than anyone or anything I have ever seen heard or met! This is my personal experience! Not something someone taught me! I was an Atheist... so that should settle it!

I had my first encounter with Jesus in 1989 February  and all of the 18 years of my previous life couldn't have been possibly compared to even one second of my life after that incident! He literally came to live with me! In my life. He would guide me in the right way to go whispering in my heart with His gentle voice (Holy Spirit).  He would lead me in peaceful ways, He would cause me to walk on water - Life's problems and trials)! Can you believe it? Well my life is a testimony and millions more would join me to testify to that!

Have you had a life changing Encounter with Jesus Christ? Would you like to?

Write to me and ask me whatever question you have about Christ.